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Domaine des Guyons is a winery in the charming village of Puy Notre Dame, located south of Saumur in the Loire Valley region

The 19-hectare vineyard is mainly planted in sandy clay and Turonian-era limestone and consists of the noble grape varieties of the Loire Valley: Chenin, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon

The limestone soil (tuffeau) offers the more than 50 years old vines all the nutrients they need and produces character wines that convey all the finesse of this terroir

After analysis of the maturity of the grapes, the wines are vinified separately and then assembled

The Chenin wines vinify without thermoregulation.
The white wines ferment slowly in small tanks and French oak barrels.
The red Cabernet wines macerate in buried tanks; punching down the cap (pigeage) and devatting are done manually.
The rosé Cabernet Sauvignon wines come from a single harvest and macerate with the grape skins; they ferment slowly and naturally

The talented Franck Bimont makes authentic wines. He allows his vines to express themselves and brings out the particular character of each vintage. He creates expressive, elegant wines that are highly appreciated

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